Sunday, August 24, 2008

The "Green" Tooth

Braden finally lost his green tooth. We started calling it the green tooth when we decided it would not turn back to the normal white color after the trauma. Braden had fallen face-first into the gym floor at pre-school, damaging one of his top teeth. I always thought it made him look a little on the unkempt side, but that's just being critical! Most people probably didn't notice the tooth, but I'm glad to see it become victim to the tooth fairy!

On another note, I just put my little guy to bed and had one of those oh-so sweet moments. He is so sweet to just "goo" and smile at me as if he has a clue how much that means to me. He grabs at my nose and mouth and just talks so sweetly to me. He is such a treasure!!

We plan to take pictures of the kids before they take off for school in the morning. They are ready, or so they think! We'll post pictures tomorrow.

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Eric and Ashley Wilkins said...

I meant to comment on your last post but I kept forgetting to. I'm happy for you that you are going to be doing PT as needed. I know you really just don't want to be there because you don't have me to keep you organized. ;)

Yay Braden! I never noticed the green tooth, but it sounds like something a boy would like to brag about.... as for working out, I know with school starting I'm going to need a huge kick in the butt to get into the gym. There's just no time!!!! AHHH.... school days.

Saw you today at church holding baby Tripp. It's so neat to see how much of a blessing a baby is. (not for us, but you know, for OTHER people... haha). We love you guys. Talk to ya later.